My Very First Blog Post ........ slow and steady as the saying goes ;)

Blogging,, online selling ....... all of this seems most daunting at the moment. Hence the rather slow additions to the site, but always up for a challenge and always looking for yet another opportunity to not only sell my products, but also offer more options to customers, both wholesalers and retailers .... in this ever increasing technological environment we are living in ...I am gingerly finding my way around the administration of this site and will intentionally seek to schedule time for updating, adding and hopefully SELLING on this online shopfront.

"Juggling", I believe is a skill every woman learns, possibly sooner than we'd like to acknowledge than we even realise. This new website is another ball I have just thrown up into the air, in an act of defiance and faith. Defiance of being determined (or is it stubbornness) to not to have to go out and work a regular job, and faith in believing that 'one day' this little T Towel Gallery will be able to support me and my family.  Because ... after all.... everyone needs a tea towel every day... and there are millions of people out there.


So my simple logic is "tea towel need + millions = lots of sales"



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