Hobart Regatta Day


Today is the Royal Hobart Regatta day - an incredibly stunning summer day...clear skies ...idyllic conditions to watch "Stan Tilley’s great aerial acrobatic display. I have just been treated to a second viewing, having watched yesterday as well from the balcony of our home in West Hobart. What a thrill to see them diving and weaving and looping and splitting in absolute perfected synchronisations. I have to take my hat off to the adrenaline pumping pilots who clearly love what they do. Thank you for delighting us ground dwellers with such a wonderful display of thrill seeking glee. .... As I watched from my balcony on that final display of breaking up into a star like presentation, I could not help throw my arms in the air and give them a thumbs up of approval and appreciation at the perfect execution of it from where I was standing. Who would know if they even noticed a little old blip of a person as they flew over the picturesque suburban sprawl of West Hobart, but when they then joined together in formation and flew directly over our house... it REALLY REALLY made my day J

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